The Saga of Baba Yaga

by Steve "Ghostrider" Opitz


00. Introduction

01. Once upon a time

02. The dragons gathered

03. For the King was born

04. As it was foretold

05. The Wicked Witch watched

06. Plans were made

07. Weapons were forged

08. Then the war began

09. Pre Interlude

10. Ghostrider Interludes

11. The Riders Interlude

12. Aegir, King of the Sea

13. Unleashed the serpent

14. Fire flashed forth

15. The earth trembled

16. The wizard sees

17. Forseti casts stones

18. Post Interlude

19. Hel opened her gates

20. The rainbow bridge collapsed

21. As the king led the ride

22. Fenris took Valfather

23. The battle raged

24. The hound is released

25. Gjallar horn is blown

26. The Riders have their say

27. The heavens split apart

28. The eagle shrieks

29. Stone peaks clash

30. Loki sails Nagifar

31. Surtr from the south

32. Ghostrider has his say

33. To the Fighters of God

34. To the Tsantsas

35. To the Foundations

36. Ghostrider has had his say

37. Vidarr avenges his father

38. The giants are aroar

39. The battle will be fought on the plain of Vigrid

40. Winter will last for three years

41. Tyr kills the hellhound

42. Njord will return to Vanaheim

43. The Dead Rite

44. Freyr would be the first god to fall

45. Loki and Heimdall are doomed

46. Thor smashes the serpent to death

47. All hear the sound of doom

48. Vigrid Plain is awash with blood

49. Nidhogg ate the root of Niflheim

50. Scoll will swallow the sun

51. Ghostrider interjects

52. The king raged

53. A wind age, a wolf age

54. Hati shall devour the moon

55. Fear washes over the land

56. The black elves forge the weapons

57. The world sinks into Gunnungs abyss

58. Fire leaps high about Heaven itself

59. The Val gods sun shines

60. Sheilds are riven

61. The stars fall from Heaven

62. An axe age, a sword age

63. Ghostrider

64. Aurora's skirt cuts across the sky

65. The warlike fall upon the peaceful

66. It sates itself on the lifeblood of fated men

67. The last of Idunn's apples are eaten

68. The brave one turned the key

69. Middle Earth lay still

70. The birds feasted on the flesh of man

71. Those who clear the dead are tomorrows heroes

72. Ghostrider introduces the Immortals

73. The last of thirty, dies

74. A final judgment of all souls will occur

75. 313 fail to deliver to the devil

76. There would be a cry for peace

77. There is a great sigh in Heaven

78. The moon splits apart

79. Men tread the path of Hel

80. The dragons made a play

81. The runes were cast

82. The challenger stepped up

83. The wheel was spun again

84. Midgards' children will defile kinship

85. The enemy will be clear

86. The true value of gold will be seen

87. Atland pushes up from the sea

88. The long cold comes

89. The shiver spreads

90. At zero degrees, time stopped

91. The riders leave

92. Former things are forgotten

93. The chosen are collected

94. The Earth's left white

95. The true nature of the Earth is revealed

96. The cloak of darkness is removed

97. The Watchers regroup

98. The King held the key aloft

99. The door was opened

100. The Ghostwriter

101. Interlude

102. Introducing the Book of Critics

103. Gold

104. Ghostrider and Gold converse

105. The Champions of Truth